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Cowgirling up for the 4th of July…


Happy 4th of July!!

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July 4th was always a huge celebration in my family and it always started out with my brother, David’s birthday which is on the 3rd. when David was murdered 15-years-ago we tried to continue the tradition and still have a birthday party for him, a sort of memorial celebration of his life. It may have been a good idea but it felt awful. So around here the holiday has pretty much been a sad one. That hasn’t been fair to my grandkids. This year I am spending the holiday with 3 granddaughters.

We planned to attend our neighborhood block-party, with pony rides, ( Peyton is running through the house yelling wake up it’s time to cowgirl up, trying to wake her sister’s) bouncy houses and lots of hot-dogs and cotton candy followed by a concert and fireworks show at our local high school and lots of swimming and relaxing for the rest of the weekend. Then Arthur formed. I’m not sure how much outdoor fun will actually happen. It is not looking promising. At least here it will only be rain and wind. I hope everyone in direct hit areas stays safe. I hope Arthur just fizzles.

My week was sort of uneventful which is extremely rare. I’m still battling an infection that resulted from one of my dental surgeries and it is making me feel so tired. I haven’t had a 3-day-weekend in a very long time. It is going to feel so good to sleep in.

I took this picture on the way home from picking the girls up. They say they see an angel in the sky. I see it too. Do you?

Sky angel photo

I wrote this article on caregiving and stress for our local Patch. It sure could use some likes and or comments.

One thing I was disappointed in this past week is the lack of understanding by so many people on just what the actual job of our Supreme Court Justices involves. There was legally, no way there could have made any other decision in regards to the Hobby Lobby case. President Clinton signed the Freedom of Religion act in 1993. The Supreme Court must hold up existing law. They have no authority to create or change laws. Whether we like the decision or not the law is the law. Am I the only one frustrated by the lack of civics knowledge?

Happy Birthday to my little brother in Heaven:

Have a safe and blessed Holiday Weekend,



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