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DISNEY’S ‘CINDERELLA’ is at the Media Theatre in Delaware County, Pa. this summer…

My two youngest grandchildren, Peyton Elizabeth and Adriana Jean have birthdays just a few days apart. This year they were turning four and five. Last year I took them to see their first movie and they loved it.  This year I wanted them to experience a live theatre performance. The Media Theatre in Delaware County, Pa. is presenting CINDERELLA on Saturday’s at 11:00 a.m. and Sunday afternoons at noon throughout June, July and August. What four and five- year- old little girls wouldn’t like to see a live version of their favorite princess?

Media Theatre Cinderella and Prince Charming

Cinderella and the Prince=== The Prince (Owen Mannion) and Cinderella (Emily Kinka)

Originally released by Walt Disney Studios in 1950, the film is one of their most successful adaptions. Disney will be releasing a new version of Cinderella in March of 2015. The newest version will star Cate Blanchett as the wicked stepmother.

Media Theatre NEW CINDERELLA MOVIE  3 15 The Media Theatre adaption is referred to as the kid’s version due to its shortened length and a cast that features young actors in many of the roles. It includes beloved songs like Bibbidee Bobbidee Boo and a Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes. The play is approximately one hour, which was perfect for my four and five -year-olds.

Media Theatre Cinderella play

Cinderella (Emily Kinka) with The Mice: Jaq (Carter Weiss), Luke (Alex Pollard), Perla (Alexsa McKeown), and Gus Gus (Sean O’ Neill)

Adriana and Peyton were so excited to sit in the front row. They enjoyed waving to and speaking with the musician in the orchestra pit. They were a bit frightened at first of the wicked stepmother played by Roger Ricker and the wicked stepsisters.  They loved and are still talking about how beautiful Cinderella’s gown was, how pretty the Fairy Godmother was and how handsome the prince was.

Adriana at Cinderella


Humor plays a large part in this version with plenty of opportunity for young audiences to laugh, have fun and even participate. The king came down from the stage and invited children from the audience to his ball.

The production was professional and all of the kids did a wonderful job singing, dancing and narrating. The adults were hysterical. I love that the girls are still talking about Cinderella, the theatre and they are asking to see another play. I love creating memories with them. After the play we went to Linvilla Orchard, also in Delaware County for ice cream.

Peyton at Linvilla

Peyton Elizabeth

My girls went from the theatre to the sand pile. They are definitely my granddaughters

Adriana and Peyton playing in dirt For tickets to Disney’s “Cinderella” at The Media Theatre call 610-891-0100 or visit All Broadway Series and Youth Series productions are produced by Media Music Theatre Company.

The Media Theatre is also offering, for groups of 12 or more, Golden Slipper Parties following the show. The Parties include a ticket to the show, pizza, punch, cupcakes, and gift bags. They take place in the theatre’s second level Crystal Room, where the party-goers get to meet the cast for photos and autographs.

As a summer celebratory wrap-up event and fundraiser for Media Music Theatre Company, Roger Ricker has his annual concert on Wednesday night August 13. This year’s title is “UP!” The show will feature upbeat numbers with positive messages, youth performers, and plenty of fun. Ricker has been seen in over 80 productions at The Media Theatre, with this being his ninth summer concert fundraising event.

Media Theatre Photo




Cinderella, Linvilla, News and Fragments…


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We had a wonderful time with our lil birthday girls last weekend. It’s all bittersweet for me. For the last eighteen-years we have either had a baby in our family or were expecting one. Not having a baby in the family is going to take some getting used to. John does not want to take the crib down at our house. He is afraid as soon as he does hmmm…

I am determined to live in and enjoy the moments with them, now.

The celebrations continued with Adriana’s last T’ball game yesterday.  Today I took Adriana and Peyton to see Cinderella at our local theatre.  It was a surprise. At first they were scared of the wicked stepmother and stepsisters. Once they realized everyone was laughing at them they relaxed.

Cinderella #1


After the play we went to visit Linvilla Orchards, a popular local farm.

Peyton at Linvilla

Linvilla Dear

Linvilla feeding goats

From the theatre to the dirt pile. These are my granddaughters, for sure!

Adriana and Peyton playing in dirt

It sure has been another crazy news week. Is he a POW, a traitor; CIA  and how about his Dad. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Our Philadelphia country station [WXTU] has a free anniversary concert every year. I was at the first one they ever had thirty-years ago and every one of them for twenty-eight-years and oh my how it has grown. I did not go last year or the year before because suddenly the event, become a dangerous, drunk fest. My husband pointed out that almost every new country song is about drinking which may explain a lot. When I think like this I fear I am getting old and cranky.

This is my 401st post.

I received one of my most favorite reviews to date the other day and guess who it was from:

I am going to North Carolina on Wednesday, after taking a tour of a new concert venue at Sun Studio’s. My friend Joelle, who passed away in February, her seventeen-year-old daughter is graduating from high school and her six-year-old son is graduating from kindergarten. I am so proud of both of them and I know their Mama is one proud angel.

A bridge on I-95 South in Maryland has tilted. Officials closed the bridge so my drive to North Carolina will take a little bit longer.

There is a bridge in Philadelphia that actually shakes. It is terrifying to be stuck in traffic on that thing. I wonder if anyone checked to see if that one was tilting. I’m not sure there is a way around that one.

Hey it’s almost summer! What fun plans do you have on your summer bucket list? What are you planning to read? I have a recommendation. The lovely Rebecca Rasmussen’s [Bird Sisters] second novel, EVERGREEN will release July 15. It is available now for pre-release.


Have a Blessed weekend,



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