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Self Publishing?


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On Wednesday’s I like to share information I picked up on my path to publishing, marketing and preparing to publish again. Information that I wish someone would have shared with me, back then.


I am not an expert in Self-Publishing but I know a lot of self-published authors and I am planning to self-publish myself, in the future so I have been taking notes.

There are a lot of advantages to Self-Publishing:

  • The Author has total control
  • The time frame. Your book can be published in a few months vs. 18 months-2 years
  • Royalties of 20-80% vs. 5-15%

The disadvantages of Self-Publishing are evaporating quickly. The success stories are mounting. Like any business venture (yes writing is a passion but publishing is a business) it will take research, investment, hard work and most importantly a great product to have any chance at success. No matter which publishing choice you make it will be difficult at times and will take time and patience but it will be so worth it. I cannot even describe how amazing it feels to hold your first book in your hands.

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Once your manuscript has been critiqued and professionally edited by a literary editor and you are planning to self-publish on your own, you will need an ISBN number [International – Standard Book Number] for your book. This is a social security number for the book. There are a lot of company’s out there that will be happy to sell you an ISBN # but BOWKER is the International clearing house for these numbers so you might as well skip the middleman and get it from them. The cost is $125.00. If you are using a company to assist you with self-publishing they may offer to get the ISBN# for you. Deep discounts are offered to companies that buy multiple #’s so they may offer it to you for less or include it in their package. If they charge more than $125.00 you can easily apply for it yourself.

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You will need a business plan/proposal or an outline for fiction

If you are planning to self-publish 100% than Amazon is the place for you. Smashwords is One of the Amazon companies for e-books and Create-Space is used for print books.

If you use Amazon for publishing your book will never be available in an actual book store. This is because Amazon Publishers will not process returns. You will have to design all of your marketing around online booksellers. Amazon offers a KDP (Kindle Direct Program) a program that offers some marketing opportunities.


Lightening Source is a company you can use if you want your book to be available in book stores. They process returns, for a charge. All publishers, even traditional ones charge you for your returns.

To have any chance at having your book in a book store, your publisher has to be willing to offer your book to them at a wholesale discount price of at least 55% off the cover price. The books must be returnable if they do not sell within the stores allotted time-frame.

All print books are delivered through a book distribution center. The two major distributors are Ingram and Baker & Taylor. If the publisher you are planning to use does not use one or both of these distributors, move on from that publisher.

Here is a list of random Self Publishing Boutiques that offer a variety of packages to authors and come with some good references. As always never sign a contract unless you have had it reviewed by an attorney.

  • Blue Lobster Book Company
  • She Writes Press
  • Book Locker
  • Turning Stone
  • Lucky Bat Books
  • Assisted Publishing

Tate Publishing and Enterprises- Tate offers a publishing package that includes editing, formatting, cover design, ISBN#, copyrighting, marketing assistance and they handle returns. They deal with Ingram so your book will be available to any store, school or library that wants to stock it or make it available for order. Once your book sells 1000 copies, Tate refunds your investment. They basically operate like an Independent publisher. There are many other companies out there like this one and new ones are being started every day.

I cannot stress enough for you to have any contract reviewed by an attorney and ask for and check references. It is also a good idea to order books from several authors of any company you are considering, so you can check the quality of the printing etc…

A good book to read is Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur/ Guy Kawasaki

*FYI-Tuesday is the only day of the week that new books are released

Traditional Publishers make their money selling 100’s of copies of only several titles verses other publishers that make their money selling 100 copies of thousands of titles.

If you have any experience with self publishing it would be great if you could leave tips in the comments. Did you work with a company that you were thrilled with, please share.

If you have any questions please leave those in the comments and I will do my best to answer or find someone who can.

Happy Writing,


This Saturday August 1, 2015 (Can you believe it is almost August?) I will be at The Big Blue Marble Bookstore (7pm) with author friends, Maria Casale and Dylaan Rhea. We will be reading from our books and talking about writing and women under pressure. We are bringing snacks…

Big Blue Marble Book Store

551 Carpenter Lane /Philadelphia, PA 19119

I am SO excited and such a nervous wreck because I am going to be co-hosting (for the first time) The Insecure Writers Support Group for August! Next Wednesday right here!

Coming Soon!!

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Writing Wednesday/Self Publishing Part 2 and It is that time again #IWSG


Writing Wednesday

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On Wednesdays I like to share information I picked up on my journey to being published, marketing, editing and preparing to be published again. Information that I wish someone would have shared with me, back then…

If you like the information I hope you will share it!



It is also the first Wednesday of the month so it is time for our monthly gathering of:

The Insecure Writers Support Group #IWSG

It’s time for another group posting of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group! Time to release our fears to the world – or offer encouragement to those who are feeling neurotic. If you’d like to join us, click on the tab above and sign up. We post the first Wednesday of every month. I encourage everyone to visit at least a dozen new blogs and leave a comment. Your words might be the encouragement someone needs.

The awesome co-hosts for today are Sarah Foster, Joylene Nowell Butler, Lily Eva, and Rhonda Albom!

September 3 marks the three year anniversary of the IWSG monthly posting. (And October 1 will mark the one year anniversary of this site and the Facebook group.)

No matter where you are in your writing journey chances are you occasionally have feelings of insecurity. No worry’s, link up and find all of the support you could possibly ask for. If you are in a good place perhaps you have some inspiration to share let’s face it we all feel the need for a bit of support from our friends. Follow the link to learn more about this amazing group of talented, dedicated and supportive writers from beginning writers to best-selling authors and the group’s creator. While you are there, add your link. You will be so happy you did.









I can finally see the top of the hill with the editing of The Stranger In My Recliner. A guy in one of my writing groups challenged us to 40,000 words in the month of August. Sort of catch up because we all slack off during the summer. That happened to be exactly the number of words I have left to edit. November is always a crazy month for me so I never get to participate in NANO so I thought why not? How am I doing so far? I’ve only gotten a little less than 3000 words edited over the weekend.  Not so good. I did receive some priceless research information that I pretty much gave up hope on finding and I did start incorporating that into Sophie’s  story. That should count as progress; right?

We cannot get what we have never had unless we step out of our comfort zones and do something we have never done. 

I hope if you are considering self-publishing these notes help…

Self Publishing Part 2:

Last week’s post on Self Publishing Part 1:

There is so much to Self Publishing one post just wasn’t enough so I put together another list things I thought you might like to know if you are considering self-publishing.

  •  Traditional/Indy Publishers take well over a year to publish a title but in all reality you can self publish your book and have it for sale around the world on Amazon in a matter of minutes.
  • The problem is still the same, no matter which publishing route you choose, how will the right audience for your book find it, know that it exists?
  • Old school traditional publishers still have the advantage when it comes to editing, distribution and publicity all of which increase the chance of a books success.
  • However; growing numbers of self-published authors are realizing the value in investing in professional editing and professional cover design.
  • Self published authors that invest in professional editing and cover design earn at least 34% more on their books.
  • If a book is published hastily and sloppy it will be mentioned in the books reviews, it will hurt your sales and taint your name as an author. Those reviews are impossible to remove.
  • The most successful genres for self-published e-books are: erotica, fantasy, chick-lit, horror and crime thrillers.
  • Self-published romance authors earn 170% more than their peers.
  • The average age of a best- selling author is 50.5
  • There is no profile for a successful author. They are seldom top graduates from prestigious university writing programs. Writing may be a second or third career for them. The industry and readers value authors that bring real-life experience to their work whether that work is fiction or non-fiction.
  • The stigma of self-publishing is fading away being replaced with one success story after another.

Your tribe keep those wierdos

A few reasons to publish on Amazon:

  • It is the largest paid search engine in the world
  • Amazon is dominant in the publishing industry, presently in the #7 slot of books sold per year.
  • The review system is an authority. People read reviews on Amazon even if they are planning to buy a book elsewhere.
  • Amazon is a marketing machine. Once you sell a certain number of copies, it will start referring your book at no cost to you.

Preparing to publish on Amazon:

  •  When formatting for book for Kindle- you can try following the instructions and doing it entirely on your own- which I am sure gets easier with practice. If you are planning to continue writing and self-publishing e-books it probably is a good idea to learn the process.
  •  Calibre is a program you can download for free. The program is used for formatting. While the program is free they do request donations.
  • There are many companies and individuals out there that will do the formatting for you for a fee.
  • You shouldn’t skimp on cover design. A professionally designed cover is an investment and will produce more sales.
  • Look into 99 Designs and Crowdspring. Both are affordable options for cover design.Whoever you use to design your book cover they will need to create a JPEG file that is at least 2500 pixels on its longest side with a height/weight ratio of 1.6. (Amazons requirements)
  • Double/Triple check, everything before you hit that publish button. It is nearly impossible to make corrections once your book has been published and that goes for all publishing not just Amazon.

Have you self-published? Do you have any tips to offer? Did you use a company you were thrilled with? Disappointed in? Please share in the comments.

*Next week’s Writing Wednesday will be on Marketing/Advertising and PR

I would love to hang out with you here too: 

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