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Writing Wednesday

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Writing/Critique Groups  and  Writing Classes/Workshops

A good writing and or critique group can be such a good resource for writers no matter where they are in their writing process. These groups are the best place to receive constructive, honest criticism from people who expect the same in return.

Writing classes and workshops are also good resources. The business of publishing is evolving rapidly so no matter where you are in your writing, classes and or workshops are a good place to keep up to date with those changes. They are also a safe place to receive honest feedback and advice from like minded people.

If your family is like mine it has members that love and are proud of everything you do and members that are critical of everything you do. It is much wiser to get feedback for your writing from other writers.

Writing is such a solitary process. For most of us it can be extremely difficult to step out of our safe writing caves and share our work with others but it is a necessary process and so worth it if we want to be the best writer’s we can be.

On- line writing groups and workshops are good for education and inspiration but in -real -life groups are the best place to socialize and are invaluable when it comes to promotion.

Members of a good group or class will keep you educated and motivated.

Where do you find these classes and groups? Most community colleges offer a variety of writing, publishing and marketing classes. In local newspapers you might be able to find a workshop.

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Writing groups can be found by doing a Google search of your town and writing group. You can also find groups on the Meet-Up sight.

You may have to visit a few groups before you find one that fits. I suggest giving the group a chance by visiting two or three times before making a decision.

If you can’t find a group that seems to be a perfect fit for you, start one!

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I belong to two-writing groups. One group meets every Wednesday at a, Panera Bread. It’s an- hour drive for me but I love the group so the drive is worth it. I am so grateful to, Kelly the facilitator of the group. She is a talented writer and blogger and a friend. The members of the group are so positive and supportive and that is because of Kelly’s leadership.

Do you belong to a group? Have you taken any classes or attended a workshop recently? What did you take-away from them?

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