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Hell on Wheels and Angels in Pockets …


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Half-Past Kissin’ Time

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One of the writing groups I am in meets at a Panera once a week. It seems lately this Panera cannot do anything right. The food has been awful, well it was always awful but we tolerated it because the location was good and they have a large enough back room to accommodate our group. Anyway the other night the WIFI wasn’t working. The manager said it was because too many people were trying to log in. I laughed because there were not that many people in there. Unfortunately one of the few people in there at that time was a pick –pocket and someone from our group was a victim. It is all just so disgusting. Our facilitator is looking for a new location. I want July back. August is so final. I’m not ready. There are just so many more summer things I want to do. Starting today I am going to try to do at least one thing, outside. Today that will involve taming the jungle in my yard and I am going to enjoy it, in February.

 Last month I commented on a blog post at  and won a book! (Love that Blog!). Thank you so much Helene! The book is The Angel In My Pocket written by Sukey Forbes. It is about the loss of her little girl which had me terrified to read and then I thought if she was brave enough to tell her story the least I could do was to read her story. I am half way through the book. I know you are never supposed to say, “I know how she feels,” but number one her writing style is similar to mine and I can’t explain it but it feels kind of good to know I am not the only one that feels the way I do. It is a story of great loss but it is also about love, family and life after death. I am going to buy a copy and when I do my review I will give that copy away.

Author Sukey Forbes Cover Angel in my Pocket AMC has a marathon of Hell on Wheels episodes today and tonight just in time to prepare us for the new season’s first episode Saturday night. I am really looking forward to it. The new season of Turn follows. I love learning the history in Turn but that history is the only reason I am watching that series. It is hard to follow. The main characters are written well but the others are confusing. I hope that gets better. Hell on Wheels is just the opposite. The history is rich and the writing is compelling. And then there is the acting and the actors…


My office seriously looks like this but its a good thing. The editing on The Stranger In My Recliner is so close to done. I am having anxiety about asking for blurbs and forewords and all of that ‘ Its almost a real book kind of stuff.’ Why does that stuff make me so nervous?


Writing is hard I have been reading a lot of posts from teachers who are already preparing for back to school and the sale ads have started to run but here in the Philadelphia suburbs our kids do not go back to school until after Labor Day. Today, I couldn’t be happier about that.

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What fun summer things do you have left on your to do list?

Also I am just curious, what is the closest tourist attraction to your home and when was the last time you visited that attraction? Have a blessed weekend, Doreen

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