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Friday Favorites, Flops and Food/Chicken Salad anyone?





Friday Favorites, Flops and Food


I know its cliché, but the weeks seem to be floating by leaving me feeling like I’m missing something or not living life to the fullest. One of my goals for this year is to slow my days down and to be present and mindful of each, and every minute. Another goal is to find something to be grateful for in each season. Keeping track of my favorites, flops and good food weekly has been a great exercise in consistent blogging, and a way to remember and be grateful.


My first favorite memory of the week is my #5 granddaughter, Adriana Jean turned 10! Everyone says where does the time go but seriously I clearly remember anxiously awaiting my daughters scheduled c-section date. Adriana couldn’t wait and decided to come early creating a chaotic emergency c-section.

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Friday Flops, Favorites, and Food The Young and the Restless…



Friday Favorites Flops and Food

Friday is a great day to take a few minutes to reflect on what went right during the week, what went wrong, the best thing you ate, and what you can do to make next week better. Please feel free to write a post of your own. Let me know so I can read and comment.

Favorites: This week went SO fast!

I know that’s silly to say but honestly I’m struggling with my goal to stop and be mindful of minutes. Those moments I was able to able to be completely present for were:

The Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

We went to my daughter, Joan and son-in-law Dominic’s house. It felt so good to follow the little ones around and see the excitement, and pride on their little faces as they found those goodie filled eggs. It was heartwarming to see the older grandkids helping the younger ones. I was filled with memories of them toddling through the yard.

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Music Monday featuring Marilyn Russell…


So many of the happiest memories I have are filled with music. It’s like the sound is woven through each memory, connecting them. My saddest memories have music attached to them too and without warning a song will come on the radio and I am instantly tearing up thinking of a lost loved one. I married a music man who also has songs attached to most memories, a basement full of 45’s and albums and he is now my personal DJ.

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